Flavored steam stones

Enjoyment with different flavors from steam stones

There is Shiazo with over 30 different varieties of steam stones. Popular berries like strawberry, raspberry and blueberry are available as well as the classics: apple, grape, cherry, melon, mint, banana or even rose. In addition, there are some flavors or cocktail drinks: sex on the beach, caipirinha, caribbean Dream, pina colada, whiskey, energy, cappuccino, chocolate. The best citrus fruits with natural flavors are also available in a hookah: tangerine, lemon, lime and orange. The following varieties added to the harmonious total offering: cherry, coconut, dragon fruit, guava, mango, passion fruit, peach, watermelon and sweet woodruff. Everyone should find his favorite varieties with the shiazo steam stones. It is also easily possible to mix the flavors in order to make an individual flavor.

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