Steam stones

Steam stones for your hookah: Information

The term steam stones actually comes from the sauna steam stone, but is familiar since the revolution in 2010 in Shiazo hookah profession. Whether sauna or shisha - the stones are steaming when heated. For hookah water pipes it is not water that evaporates, but fog fluids. This nebula (steam) is a longer stable and not as hot as water vapor.

The steam stones have as tobacco substitute other properties such as tobacco or tobacco substitute made from organic material, are not carbonizing and are elsewhere classified.

The use of steam stones is easy for any hookah users. Many instructions for steam stones can be found on youtube.

The steam-stones do not only fog, they are also still equipped with the finest flavors. There are classic and exotic flavors for the steam stones.

With the Shiazo-Steam-Stones you have not only a great selection of varieties, but also sizes. You can buy Shiazo conveniently online.

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