Steam stones in the hookah

Instructions for the use of the steam stones

You use a rather large bowl and take the stones with a spoon in the bowl. The steam stones are not that heat sensitive as many as tobaccos. First the steam stones are heated. The activation temperature of the steam is about 150C. Then the fog fluid begins to flow out the steam from the stones. The fog fluid takes the flavors and make the hookah, what it is today. After starting you realize how intensive the steam is and if you want more or less steam. Thus one can govern, whether more or less heat is needed. The stones are still fresh and green at first, they are white for the steam to escape. By blowing the steam on his skin, you can feel the coolness - particularly in the summer, a very good feature. On youtube you can find a variety of videos about Shiazo. In many hookah forums there are also instructions.

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Stones in the hookah bowl