Steam-Stones: an inorganic tobacco substitutes

Information on steam stones for the hookah

Steam Stones are a substitute for hookah tobaccos. Any conventional tobacco substitute contains organic material as a carrier medium. This is common with tobacco. For example, sugar cane, tea or other herbs are used. The advantage is that nicotine is not present. The disadvantage is that these materials carbonize at the temperatures found in hookah and therefore release pyrolysis. These products form the smoke as such, i.e. finely dispersed solids. The basic material of the steam-stones can not carbonize and release pyrolysis. The hookah steam-stones contain fluids. 1,2-propanediol or glycerol are such fog making fluids. The optimum temperature to evaporate is between 150C and 170C. The heating medium (charcoal is often used) is much hotter, but the medium, whether tobacco or tobacco substitute is heated usually only in the aforementioned range.
The steam stones are customs tariff classified as preparation of the chemical industry. The Administrative Court of Bavaria/Germany, under the presiding judge of earl Pappenheim allowed in an order hookah bars in Bavaria, the use of "Shiazo-stones" because the ban would not apply here.

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